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Bulletin for Sunday December 17, 2017

Speaker:                     Ken Driedger
Worship Leader         Sheryl Wideman & Bina Xu     
Song Leader:             Sheryl Wideman  
Pianist:                       Linda Ramer
Greeters:                    Herb & Eva Diller     

Order of Service

Welcome and Announcements
Call to Worship 
 Opening Prayer
Praise Singing
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Message: Engraved
Congregational Response
Thanksgiving and Prayer Requests


This week Pastor Ken Driedger will be on duty from Sunday through Thursday

 Welcome the Stranger- GTA, in addition to supporting three refugee families, is now working on assisting families to bring their relatives and friends who are registered refugees with the United Nations, to Canada. This is being done through an application process called Group of Five (G5). Most of these G5 refugees will have their financial and resettlement needs covered by their relatives and friends in Canada. However, there is one Christian Vietnamese family of 11 who are living in a camp in Thailand and are being threatened with expulsion. They have a connection to the Vietnamese boat people sponsored by Wideman MC and our area churches in the 1970.  We understand that they are being doubly persecuted for their faith and for their minority status. With Wideman MC leading, $41,000 of the needed $53,000 has been raised to sponsor this family. The Hmong Mennonite Church in Kitchener will take care of all of their resettlement needs but do not have the funds as they are sponsoring two additional families. The Hmong group in California have raised $12,500 to help sponsor this family. $12,000 more is needed to complete this sponsorship funding. The local churches have been very generous. If you wish to donate please give a cheque to your church treasurer who will forward it to Welcome the Stranger-GTA Group of Five.  You will receive a receipt for tax purposes from the congregation. Thank you.

Odd Jobs!
The MYF are fundraising for an MDS trip to Naples Florida in March. If you need help with any tasks such as snow shoveling, putting up or taking down Christmas lights, or painting. Contact Jason McDowell at: 416 460 8335 and we’ll help you out! Thanks!

? From the Finance Committee: Our donations are under budget by $ 5,000.00. Please consider additional giving before the end of the year. Thank you.

? Canadian Mennonite digital delivery:  As a Canadian Mennonite subscriber you can receive the latest issue of the magazine by e-mail on the day it is printed; up to two weeks before the paper mail will arrive. To add digital delivery to your subscription, or to switch to digital-only, please email and include your name, address and subscription number (see your mailing label; it begins with an A).

Here are two ways to give in our community this Christmas season:

  1. Buy a gift card at a grocery or drug store, place it in an envelope that is provided beside the Christmas tree in the sanctuary, and place it on the tree. These will be shared with our refugee families as they are needed.
  2. Donate winter clothing/covers for the homeless Cooler grogram.


 Tuesday December 19 (9AM-2PM): WMCEC
Join us at sewing circle to quilt and tie comforters. Men and women are welcome. Bring your lunch. Beverage will be provided.

December 24,  6:30 pm, Candlelight Service.


Tonight (Dec. 17) from 7-8 pm: The Stouffville Christian Ministerial Association is hosting a Town Prayer meeting at East Ridge Church.




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