Who are Mennonites?

When most people hear the word “Mennonite” they automatically picture people in old-fashioned clothes driving a horse and buggy. While there are still some Mennonites who live this way (such as the Amish Mennonites), there are many other branches of Mennonites that are less traditional.

The Mennonite group that we are a part of believes in being separate from mainstream culture in ways beyond that of dress and modes of transportation. Some of these ways include: finding non-violent ways of resolving conflict, resisting consumerism, being honest and reliable in all dealings, and being compassionate towards the poor.

In most points of belief we are similar to other Christian denominations. However, we differ on a few points of Christian practice. We are followers of Christ and we understand that when Jesus said we must love our enemies, he meant it. Therefore, we refuse to take up arms against an enemy and refuse retaliation when we’ve been harmed. Furthermore we believe in active peace making.

Everyone Can Attend a Mennonite Church

Anyone can attend a Mennonite church; even those who did not grow up in a Canadian Mennonite Church.  All Mennonite churches are open to those who want to find a spiritual home.  You do not need to be born into a Mennonite congregation to be part of one. When someone new to your town or neighbourhood searches for nearby churches, the following videos will provide an alternate story.

Two videos have been completed thus far.

The first features NHL player Nick Spaling.

The second features Zahara Kwaji Ali, a newcomer to Canada who has found a home in the Mennonite tradition.   A third video will be released in fall, featuring a Congolese Mennonite women who proudly claims that her great-grandfather was a Mennonite.